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 P.A.I.N. Pushing Against Ignorant & Negative Thoughts...I wanted to start off like this so that I could show that there is more than one way to look at pain... "The Lord is the strength of my life."~Psalm 27:1~

MISSION STATEMENT: We will no longer let pain overtake our lives, We will move beyond the pains of our bodies! We will fight to make sure that our voices are heard; We will talk and listen and be to one another SUPPORT!!!

I want people that have a realitives,spouses,children,friends,siblings,or themselves that have  a condition that causes constant pain. I want to try and help you to understand what is going on inside a person that lives in pain everyday of their lives. I'm going to start off by telling you a little about myself and what I'm going through this way you will be able to understand that I know what I'm talking about and that I know how it feels to have people that truely don't understand How your feeling? I won't go date by date with my conditions or the years in when I was diagnosis. To begin off I suffer with a condition called DVT and what that stands for is deep venous thrombosis in other words blood clots. I have a chronic clot that has lodged itself behind my right knee and it has been there for almost five years. It will not dissolve the damage that it has caused consist of my veins being damaged and the valves in that leg. Now, hey do not open and close the way that they are suppose to and because of this blood and fluid pools back into my leg which causes pain,swelling,and numbness in my right calf,knee and foot. I've also had clots in my lungs and because of I now have a filter placed in my main vein to help keep any clots out of my lungs. Even though I can't feel the filter but I know it's there and it's purpose so because of it I am very cautious when I feel in irregular pains. I also have fibromyaglia which everyone knows what that is because there are alot of commericals out there talking about it and the medication that will help,but what people don'tknow is all of the side effects of this conditions. I'ts more than just pain it's sleepless nights,profuse sweating,jaw pain that is so intense you can't eat,also there's the constant no stop tenderness of certain parts of your body they are so sensitive to the touch. I know that allof this sounds like alot but I'm not through...I have Ms and most people know what this disease is but at the same time they don't understand it so far I'm doing gd it's not in an advance stage or anything. It wascaught very early and treated early so I have a very good chance of never showing definite signs of the condition. I do have seizures not the kind that you black out with but the kind I have is called NES(non elpiletic seizures) I go into these real bad shaking fits they are so intense at time I can't walk or hold anything I just have to sit or lay still(side only) till the episode passes. I have carpel tunnel,damamged nerves in my right hand and arm.migranes,and pcos.
        You see I'm like the poster child for health problems but these things have made me stronger. I deal with all of these conditions withouthealth insurance. Now, if you know anyone who is living with constant pain I have a list of things that you can doto brighten their day and also you need to talk to someone yourself when dealing with a person that is close to you living in pain. It's extermely hard and fustrating to dealwith someone whois living this way the reason is alot of people don't feel like they know what to say or they don't know if they are strong enough to handle the situation. For me my family, friends, husband, and my children ask me how I'm doing? and How I'm feeling? These questions are asked everyday and sometimes I don't want to answer them but I do because it makes me feel like they care. My husband does little things to try and take my pain away he holds me so tight it's like he's trying to transfer the pain from my body into his. He tells me everyday that I'm beautiful and that I'm a great wife and mother. He'll buy me little small things that I like just to see me smile. My familyask if there's anything that they can do or help me with. You see that's my biggest problem I don't like to admitt that I need help. I still do everything for myself no matter the consequenes. I love to read and write and writing has come to a hault the reason is due to my carpel tunnel my hand and fingers swell so badly the often stick together. I have to invest in a machine that will allow me to speak my words and it will type for me. My children play a very important partof my life without them I don't think I would fight as hard as I do. I don't like for them to see me in pain but when they do they just ask I'm I okay? For themto hear, Yes mommy is fine! Putsa smile on their faces.
        When you are dealing with a love one that has medical conditions that causes them pain you must remember not to blame them! Never tell thamit's their fault and don't do anything that may make them feel like it's their fault. Ask them,Is there anything they need? Accompany them to their doctors appointments alot of times they need someone there to help them to receive the news that the doctor has for them. Support is physical,spiritual,monetry,and emotional. Listening to the person talk about their feeling is also good sometimes they just need to vent. Alot of times they don't understand Why it had to be them? They may feel like they just want to give up and die but you have to be there to give them reasons to fight even when the pain is so intense they can barely talk or move remind them of reasons to fight!!! Even if they don't want to talk sit with them sit with them for as long as they want. Try to get them out of the house if you notice that they are spending way to much time in their home. Get them involove in something, When you have something to look forward to you feellike you have something to fight for. Many people that have these types of  conditions are worrying about How they bills will get paid? A lot of people don't understand that, because you are disable or you have a hard time working that dosen't automatically quailfies you for disability. So alot of people are fronting their medical expenses out of pocket. So sometimes it also makes a person who's living with a disabling condition to receive a little finacial help every once in a while. The stress of life obstacles causes physical pain.
        I'm really hoping that this has helped someone to be a better caregiver,friend,spouse, and co-worker.....     




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